Dream Chaser


For as long as I can remember, I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I had a brief stint where my aspirations included being a professional cheerleader, a waitress and a flight attendant.  All of those phases passed quickly.  As I prepared to enter college I realized that not knowing what I wanted to do was a bit of a problem.  I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer in the Army and joined ROTC.  About halfway through my freshman year of college, that phase passed, too.  It may or may not have been directly related to the revelation that military officers can’t date enlisted soldiers.  I mean where’s the fun in that?  (Kidding. Kidding.)  Continue reading

The quest to healthy

Body is a templeThink about this scripture for a minute.  Your body is a temple. You are not your own.  You were bought with a price. Glorify God.

I am incredibly guilty of reading this scripture and then tucking it away despite knowing that these words should have me leaping into action.  I was bought with a price–the blood of Jesus–and, in return, I’m asked to glorify God in my body.  My body is a gift from God so shouldn’t I be treating it as such?  Instead, in the past, I found myself doing more damage to the temple than good.  How can I do what God has called me to do if I’m not taking care of one of the tools that He has given me–my body.

This is what inspires me in 2015.  This scripture.  Our family took the plunge into clean eating in 2014 but, admittedly, we’ve gotten a little lax in our eating towards the end of the year.  I fully intend to go back to that in 2015.  I also want to take it another step further by starting to focus not only on what we put in our bodies but what we put on our bodies as well.  Skin is our largest organ and it makes sense that the things that we’re putting on our skin will have effects on the rest of our body.  I won’t lie.  This is an entirely new concept to me.

Its no surprise that in 2014 I discovered Young Living Essential Oils and I quickly realized how life changing they can be.  These oils are going to be a game changer for me in 2015 as I start to use them and other natural ingredients to replace products in my house–from cleaning products to beauty products.  We’re going to have a home makeover and I want to share that with you because maybe you want to implement some of these things, too.

With all of that in mind, I’ve decided to start a series called “Make It Monday”.  Every Monday I am going to feature a new recipe that we are using in our home.  I am really excited to start this series because I love coming across recipes and tidbits that help me get rid of the chemicals and make my home healthier and happier.  I would love if you would join me for this home makeover so follow me (and join me on Facebook) and we will learn together.

Oil Feature: Thieves


Thieves.  Oh, how you have saved me.  You see all of those uses listed up there?  They just scratch the surface.  Thieves is another one of those oils that I make sure to have an extra bottle of at all times.  In fact, just seeing that the bottle is getting empty gives me jitters. This oil has moved mountains the last couple of weeks for our little family.  How, you ask?  (I’m so glad you did!)

sore throat: I woke up one morning and felt like I was starting to get a sore throat so I made myself some thieves tea and instantly felt better.  In an odd circumstance on another day, I started to lose my voice.  While this could be considered a blessing to some (that would be my two blessings), I need my voice.  I applied thieves to my throat and my voice came back…again, instantly.

runny nose and the common cold: As to be expected with two blessings in preschool, the days of the runny noses have begun as school is in full swing.  As soon as I heard the first sniffle and saw that little nose start to run, I applied thieves to those little feet and stopped that cold right in its tracks.

clean and germ-free: We’ve all seen the news and have heard about all of the germs floating around that we need to be diligent about.  As a result, I made myself some hand sanitizer using thieves oil to be proactive against those germs.  Unlike the other hand sanitizers that I used to carry around, my blessings could lick this stuff off of their hands and be unscathed.  (please note: I’m not encouraging them to try that)  I actually know what I’m putting on those little hands and that means a lot to me.

You’ll very rarely hear me say that you need something but, trust me, you need this little guy in your arsenal this winter.  As always, I would be happy to hook you up!

Clean Eating

Clean eatingSeven months ago, our family took the giant leap into the world of clean eating when we realized that instead of nourishing our bodies, we were quite possibly harming them with the food that we were consuming.  Now it’s important to note that our diet has never been crazy.  Junk food has always been the exception in our house but opening the pantry to find a box of Lucky Charms cereal was like hitting the jackpot!   We had our indulgences (and we still do). 

One day I somehow came across a website– 100 Days of Real Food–and my eyes were flung open.  The “healthy” choices that I thought I was giving my children were far from healthy.  Yogurts were filled with artificial ingredients and dyes, our bread had ingredients that I couldn’t pronounce and I won’t even get started on the amount of sugar that was lurking in all of these foods.  This was a very big deal for me.  Diabetes, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure.  These labels have been put on family members on both sides of our families and I felt like we could use all the help that we can get in order to prevent those labels from sticking to us.  It was worth making some “sacrifices”.   I can tell you that, without a doubt, we all feel better with this new way of eating.  I don’t have numbers or statistics to give you to support that.  I just have a feeling. 

What does clean eating mean to our family?

1) No *highly* processed foods.  We eat foods that are processed–cheese is processed.  Your milk is processed.  Your meat is processed. 
2) No white flour. No white sugar.  No white bread or pasta.  We now eat things that are made from whole wheat.  I now make our own bread because I know exactly what goes into it.
3) I shop the perimeter of the store–fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, etc. and only venture into the middle for things like peanut butter (natural, no sugar added) and cereals.
4) I must be able to identify every item on the list of ingredients.  If I can’t make it at home or have no idea what the ingredient is, I don’t purchase it.
5) We follow a 90/10 rule.  I would say that there is still 10% of our diet that is not considered “clean”.  (cheddar bunnies for the kids’ school lunches, for example)

I find great comfort in the fact that we’re putting nutritious and truly healthy food into our bodies now.  I know it can be a bit overwhelming at first but if you’re interested in clean eating, I’d love to help you get started.  I’m no professional.  Just a girl who has been there before.


***Please, please, please know that these are my personal views and every family is different.  I am not secretly judging you by your food choices, I promise.***