A Story Worth Telling

A story worth telling

A lot has happened since my last blog post and I figured it was about time I put it into writing.  I have a feeling that the story I am about to tell is going to be one of my favorites.  Actually, I’m sure of it.  I am telling this story for me, for you, but most of all, for my son.  I don’t ever want to forget the details because, after all, they are what make the story. Continue reading

Dream Chaser


For as long as I can remember, I never really knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I had a brief stint where my aspirations included being a professional cheerleader, a waitress and a flight attendant.  All of those phases passed quickly.  As I prepared to enter college I realized that not knowing what I wanted to do was a bit of a problem.  I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer in the Army and joined ROTC.  About halfway through my freshman year of college, that phase passed, too.  It may or may not have been directly related to the revelation that military officers can’t date enlisted soldiers.  I mean where’s the fun in that?  (Kidding. Kidding.)  Continue reading

Joy Bringer


As I continue my quest to find joy among the chaos, I realize that sometimes finding that joy is difficult.  When you’re forced out of your home due to a fire.  When you get a not-so-great report from the doctor.  When your business isn’t growing as quickly as you’d like.  When your child  waits for you halfway across the world.  When the streets are filled with litter.  When someone else ate the last cookie.  I mean it’s *hard* to find joy in those circumstances, right? Continue reading

Make it Matter: A Call to Action

make it matter_ call to action

Last week I did a blog post titled “Make it Matter”.  The response to this post was so incredibly encouraging that I felt led to do a follow up post.  Every now and then I will read something that resonates with me.  Something that makes me want to step up and make a difference.  Then I struggle with where to go and what to do.  While I am not bold enough to say that my post last week had this same effect on others, I did want to give you a few suggestions on how YOU can Make it Matter. Continue reading

Make it MATTER.

make it matter

The past few Mondays I have been doing a series called “Make it Monday”.  This series has allowed me to share recipes with you–my favorite clean eating recipes as well as recipes made using Young Living’s essential oils.  Today, I want to switch it up a little bit and instead of talking about Make it Monday, I want to talk to you about Make it MATTER. Continue reading

He always shows up

For who He isI am a planner.  I like to be in control.  I like to know what the next step is and I like those steps to be neatly outlined on a to do list–please and thank you.

When God called us to adopt, we had absolutely no idea where to start or what the whole process would entail.  We spent hours upon hours researching different adoption routes–from domestic to international adoption.  I had spreadsheets filled with fees and requirements and other pertinent information.  I had notes all over the place and printouts to be reviewed.  We were overwhelmed.  At one point it became so overwhelming that the simplest option seemed to be just to throw in the towel and say “we tried”.  However, God didn’t call us to just try so we did the only thing we could think of–we prayed.  We prayed and God led us to Africa.  We prayed and God helped us to find the right agency for us.  We prayed and God helped us get the funds we needed to submit all of our paperwork.  We prayed and God gave us peace.  I learned a lot about who was really in control during those first few months of our adoption process and this is a lesson that I continue to learn as we are in this season of waiting.

These last few weeks, things have gotten a little hectic in my world.  There is a lot of uncertainty, a lot of waiting and those things don’t sit well with someone who needs a plan.  I’ve let that uncertainty turn to worry.  The kind of worry that leaves your stomach feeling uneasy–you know the feeling?   I’ve been turning to scripture to help me in this time of waiting and that certainly has helped to ease my mind but today has been the day where God has decided to show up and remind me that He was here all along.   Within a matter of a few hours, three different things that I was worrying about were resolved.  I could not believe it….but I should have.

Today I’m grateful.  Not because I have all of the answers but because HE does.  My worry will be replaced with gratitude–not because of my situation and not because of what He has done for me but simply because of who He is.

Happy Saturday, friends.  Choose gratitude today.  Your day will be a whole lot brighter.

One year ago.


One year ago we got a seemingly “ordinary” piece of mail in our mailbox.  It was the Samaritan’s Purse newsletter.  I always set these to the side and it usually takes me months to read them.  But I read them.  I just so happened to get an opportunity to read this one more quickly than usual and there was an article that I remember to this day.  It was an article about the orphans in Vietnam.  My heart was stirred.  My heart ached.  I assumed it was the mommy in me that was wanting to care for them all.

Then a blog that I follow did a feature on adoption.  This blogger featured stories of building her family through adoption and, again, my heart was stirred.  All things adoption kept on popping up.  Everywhere.  It became laughable when we pulled into a store parking lot and parked next to a van that had an “adoption rocks!” bumper sticker affixed to it.

Josh and I talked.  We prayed.  There we sat with an almost 4 year old and a barely 2 year old and we were feeling called to adopt.  So I did the most “rational” thing I could think to do–I tried to convince God that He had the wrong girl.  My hands were full.  Overflowing, some might say.  Surely He really wasn’t calling us to adopt.  Well, while trying to persuade God that He had it wrong, He convinced me that I was the one who had it all wrong.  I was humbled. God clearly thought a lot more of me than I thought of myself.

God continued to guide our journey as we looked to adopt from China, then Korea, then the Marshall Islands.  One by one, those doors seemed to close.  Then there was Ethiopia.  The door to adopt from Ethiopia was wide open and the fit was perfect.  The funny thing is that from the very beginning I felt like God had placed Africa on my heart.  I couldn’t explain why but there it was.

A year later, here we are.  Waiting.  Waiting for our child from Ethiopia.  Praying that, above all else, God’s will be done.


When I get something in my head it usually takes a hold of all of me very quickly.  I don’t like to do things half-way.  I become very passionate.  I’m passionate about my family, orphans, adoption, Jesus, clean eating, making memories and, now, my essential oils.  You bring up any of these topics with me and you’re sure to see my eyes light up.

Where better to share my passions than here?  Today, it just so happens that I am a featured guest over at The Happy Oils.  These girls are amazing and we all share a lot of the same passions.  Our obvious connection is the love of oils!

I want to share with you guys all of the reasons why I love these oils and believe in them.  I’m planning on featuring a different oil every week and this week, I’ll start with Peppermint.  Hop on over to The Happy Oils to see what I have to say about this gem! I’d absolutely love to answer any questions you might have.

(PS: I am very much aware of the fact that we need some new family pictures…)