‘Gotta have faith

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Have you ever had one of those moments when you are just going about your business and all of a sudden you hear something that seems like it was meant just for you?  I seem to have quite a few of those moments.  Some I can write off as coincidence like the time I had just kissed my husband (then boyfriend) goodbye at the airport as he headed off on a deployment and as I drove away “I’m Already There” came on the radio (darn you, Lonestar…and cue waterworks).   However, I generally don’t believe in coincidences and that is the case with most of my “meant for me” moments.   That certainly was the case a couple of weeks ago when I was attending a bible study that, despite being a part of for months, have only been able to attend a handful of times.  There was a reason that life eased up just enough to make it possible for me to be there that night. Continue reading


you are enough

Over a year ago I wrote a post titled You Are.  In summary, the post was about all of the negative talk my daughter would hear and how we made the choice to build her up by repeating the words “You are kind.  You are smart.  You are beautiful. You are God’s little girl.” every night.   Little did I know how important those words would become as we navigated a mid-school year move and our first run in with a bully but that’s a different story for a different time. Continue reading

A new adventure

New adventure

Here is what people don’t tell you about new beginnings: sometimes they’re hard.  Like, a blizzard while your husband is gone and you’ve been in the south for seven years and aren’t used to snow- hard.  It can be hard to find joy and it can be scary.  However, here’s a lesser known fact about joy: you have to choose it, not find it.  Don’t be fooled though; choosing joy isn’t always as easy at it sounds. Continue reading

A thank you letter

Thank you letter

So, I bailed.  I haven’t written since September and that’s because life got crazy and hard and it became something that I struggled to wrap my mind around.  However, as I watched a friend launch her new blog yesterday, I took a minute to revisit mine.  Its certainly nothing special but as I re-read my posts, it was like giving myself a pep talk.  One that was much needed.  So here I am again but before I move forward, I have to take a step back. Continue reading

The big question

big question

Change is in the air around here.  Big change. Its time for another Beautiful Beginning.

Our family has spent the last 7 years in the south which I’m pretty sure qualifies our daughter for Southern Belle status since she has been here her whole life.  We always knew our time down here was fleeting but we were still surprised when our story took a turn–one that would bring us back north. Continue reading

Mommy Time Out

mommy time out

There comes a time somewhere between childhood and adulthood when a time out goes from being a punishment to being a reward.   Several months ago, one of my blessings (they’re both spunky…it could have been either one) looked at me and boldly proclaimed that I was being sent to my room for time out.  My response, of course, was “yes, please”.   Unfortunately, that was one time out that never happened. Continue reading

You are.

you are

Four.  That’s the number of months left before we send our precious daughter to kindergarten.  Now, its important that I be forthcoming with you.  In years past I’ve seen all of the “first day of kindergarten” posts filled with sweet words and pictures.   I enjoyed the pictures and then thought, “I just don’t see myself being that sentimental when my time comes to send my oldest off to school”.  I lied.  To myself.  I am here to tell you that I am totally going to be that parent.  Its inevitable. Continue reading