ANNOUNCEMENT(The “announcement” we sent to our families about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving.  We shared the big news with the rest of our family over the Thanksgiving Day meal.)


Timelines seem to be a big thing in the adoption world so I thought I would share ours with you!  Even though we made up our minds to adopt before Thanksgiving (2013), it wasn’t until December that we really felt it all coming together.

12.9.13:      Applied with Adoption Avenues Agency
12.16.13:    Application approved
12.22.13:    Met with home study agency
1.4.14:        First official home study meeting
4.30.14:      Dossier completed and sent to Adoption Avenues! (huge step!!)
5.21.14:      Dossier arrived in Ethiopia
6.20.14:      Dossier is translated and we are officially a “waiting family”
3.30.16:      We got the call asking us if we would consider a referral for a little boy
3.31.16:      We accepted and we’re now on a mission to bring our son home….
7.29.16:      PAIR paperwork submitted
9.7.16:        RFE received
11.30.16:   Notification that US Embassy has started the I-604 investigation in Ethiopia
12.15.16:   Received notification that Embassy has completed the I-604 investigation
12.27.16:   PAIR letter received
2.14.17:     Case submitted to court (MOWA: Ethiopian Government)
3.27.17:     Court summons deadline
4.2.17:       Arrive in Ethiopia and meet our son (!!!!!!!!!!!)
4.7.17:       Receive MOWA approval to adopt “Jack” (positive MOWA letter)
4.13.17:     Go to court and take LEGAL CUSTODY of “Jack” (he is officially, legally, undeniably ours!)
4.26.17:     Arrive in the United States and for the first time ever, have our whole family of 5 together!




3 thoughts on “Adoption

  1. You Are Full of It! says:

    This is Amazing!!! Congrats and I’ll be praying for you all as you wait. I think that was the hardest part for us when all the paperwork was done and there was nothing left to do but wait. It’s a sweet place to be because you truly have to “be still and know that I am God.” I’m excited for you all and this beautiful demonstration of God adopting us via your family. Looking forward to updates!


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