Loving Lately: February Edition


It’s only fitting that there is a lot that I’m loving this month.  After all, February is the month of love.  At least that’s what Hallmark tells us, right?

I have to start out with perhaps the most controversial thing that I’m loving lately.  That would be this unseasonably warmer weather!  After the blizzard of 2016 when I was left snowed in with two kids and my only snow removing device was a plastic shovel (and said kids), I was not in a hurry to see massive amounts of snow again.  I know,  I may have just lost a few readers.

Here are a few other things I’m loving:

  1. Cut flowers.  There is just something about a small vase of flowers that causes you to smile.  I consider these a splurge purchase and they usually only make an appearance in my house when there isn’t much color outside.  They sure do a great job of bringing joy! My favorite flower seems to change every year.  Last year it was tulips and this year peonies have captured my heart.
  2. Think Thin bars.  These bars have been a lifesaver.  I am guilty of being in so many directions in the morning that my breakfast consists of a cup of coffee.  Or two.  These bars taste great (even the kids like them) and they’re healthy!  They’re now a staple in my purse.
  3. The Magnolia Journal.  Oh my goodness.  You all know that I’ve discovered that less clutter = more joy.  As a result, I’m super reluctant to bring new things into our house.  However, when I saw this magazine, I had to bring it home. magnolia-journal Then I read it and immediately had to subscribe.  Pretty much anything by Joanna Gaines is gold and this publication is no different.  Go and grab yourself a copy.  You’re going to love it.
  4. Instant Pot.  Have you all jumped on the Instant Pot wagon yet?  I won’t lie.  It took me a good year to finally break down and buy one.  Friend after friend was posting about this amazing device and I looked on.   Now its has a permanent spot in my kitchen.  This (not so) little kitchen gadget is a game changer and time saver.  So basically a busy person’s dream.
  5. Young Living’s Ningxia Red.  I’m giving this bottle of amazingness a ton of credit this winter.  My two blessings are in elementary school and preschool aka: germ breeding ningxiagrounds.  Every morning my entire family lines up and takes their Ningxia (known lovingly as Ninja) and we have kept our immunity up and have decreased our susceptibility to those germs.   While others around us are dealing with one thing after the next, we’re maintaining health by taking our daily doses of antioxidants.  This little drink promotes wellness, energy and vigor and protects our body.  Yes, please.

Okay, I shared mine, now I would love for you to share yours!  What things are YOU loving lately?


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