Loving Lately: January Edition


If you and I were to sit across from each other with a cup of a coffee, I would want to hear about all of the things that are filling you with joy lately.  It seems like everyone is so quick to talk about what angers us, yet we don’t hear much about what is making people happy.  Surely we all have something to be grateful for, right?  I really hate to think that everyone is out there living their life in a state of constant anger.

So lets set aside our anger and focus on the puppies and rainbows of life, shall we?  I’ll start.  Here is what I am loving lately:

  1. Hand Warmer Mugs:  Okay so at first you might be thinking “really?” but let me tell you, I’m in love with this mug that I got as a Christmas gift.  It’s perfect for these cold winter mornings.
  2. Beautycounter:  As part of my quest to rid my home of as many toxins as possible, I was determined to start replacing my make-up with a more natural, toxic- free alternative.
    beautycounter(I’ll admit, I saved this area for just about last because I figured it would be a challenge) These products are absolutely wonderful and I cannot sing their praises enough.  You will want to check them out.
  3. Lauren Daigle’s Light of the World.  While this may be a Christmas song, I believe its totally relevant year round.  Take a listen.
  4. Cyxus blue light filtering glasses.  I always knew that staring at a computer or your phone for awhile couldn’t be good for your eyes.  Since avoiding those activities all together is kind of impossible, I bought these glasses to help protect my peepers.  Bonus- they’re pretty stylish, too!
  5. LuLaRoe’s Sarah, Irma, Leggings….I could go on.  For awhile I figured these clothes were all hype and I steered clear.  Then I had a moment of weakness and now I’m hooked on their clothes.  I feel like I’m wearing pajamas but I don’t *look* like I’m wearing pajamas.  I mean who wouldn’t consider that a “win”?
  6. Young Living’s Frankincense essential oil.  I have never had a great complexion.  Ever.  Combine that with aging and I figured that I have a recipe for disaster.  I decided to start applying a drop of this oil to my face every night as a natural moisturizer and I found out that it pretty much is a miracle in a bottle.  This oil is evening out my skin tone, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes.  Basically, I’m in love. frank

Okay, I shared mine, now I would love for you to share yours!  What things are YOU loving lately?


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