Filling an empty cup


“You can’t pour from an empty cup”, they say.   And then I ask myself who “they” are and why they are always trying to tell me how to live my life.  After contemplating this great question I realized that it turns out “they” were right again.

One of the beliefs that I hold true is that we are put here on this planet to be helpers.  We are here to serve one another and love one another.  I believe that is the good stuff in life and it also happens to be a pretty accurate description of some of the most important titles that you might have: spouse, parent, friend.  Those are the titles that mean more than any letters I could put behind my name.  To me, those are the titles that bring me the most joy.  However, when you add those titles to the others you might have- CPA, small business owner, teacher, counselor- what you’re often left with is this empty cup that we’ve heard so much about.

We only have so many hours in the day, right?  When you have to start cutting things out, you tend to eliminate the things that you do for yourself.  After all, everyone else needs you and sometimes sacrifices need to be made.  I totally get it.  I do. True story: My husband has been cutting my hair for over a year now because I could not find the time to actually go to a professional.  I mean come on.  That’s insane.  (Please note: my husband is quite talented as evidenced by the fact that so far no one has said “oh my goodness—what HAVE you done to your hair?!”  Or perhaps, everyone is just being kind.  I’m undecided.)

Here’s the revelation.  I may have been loving on and serving others but I sure as anything was not doing it well.  I found my patience to be slipping (okay, non-existent) and forget about being joyful.  How in the world can you be joyful while running on fumes?  You can’t.  Trust me.  I even tried running on caffeine. That failed.

So as part of “choosing joy” in 2017, I am going to choose me, too.  That means putting aside my excuses, putting on my running shoes, waking up early, opening that Bible and turning on that sewing machine that has been begging to be used.  While its still too early to tell, I have a suspicion that by doing these things for myself, I’ll also be helping out those people that I love on and serve.  (and all of my blessings within these four walls say AMEN!)

What can you do for you?  That hobby you always wanted to try- do it.  That book you always wanted to read- open it.  That place you always wanted to visit- visit it.  When you choose you, choosing joy is a whole lot easier.  When you’re joyful, you can love BIGGER and that, my friends, is what it is all about.



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