you are enough

Over a year ago I wrote a post titled You Are.  In summary, the post was about all of the negative talk my daughter would hear and how we made the choice to build her up by repeating the words “You are kind.  You are smart.  You are beautiful. You are God’s little girl.” every night.   Little did I know how important those words would become as we navigated a mid-school year move and our first run in with a bully but that’s a different story for a different time.

This story is about you and it’s about me, too.  Somewhere along the line we’ve gotten it into our heads that we aren’t enough.  We aren’t pretty enough.  We aren’t thin enough.  We aren’t smart enough.  What an absolute lie.  I am surrounded by women in person and online.  Not a day goes by where I don’t see a video or a picture of someone on social media that isn’t captioned with something along the lines of “excuse my messy hair” or “I look terrible today”.   The crazy thing is that the person looks beautiful yet, somewhere along the line, they believed the lie that they aren’t pretty enough.   I’ve believed that lie, too.

Here’s the thing.  Imagine your daughter (or other adorably cute child) coming up to you and telling you that she didn’t think she was pretty enough or that you needed to “excuse” her appearance.   Wouldn’t that break your heart?  I imagine, just like that, our comments must break God’s heart.

So today I want to look right at you and tell you this: YOU are kind.  YOU are smart.  YOU are beautiful.  YOU are enough.  If we repeat those words enough, just like my six year old daughter, we may start believing them, too.





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