The one I’ve been longing to write

the one I've been

I have the worst memory.  THE WORST.  It’s part of the reason why I blog….these could be the only things I remember in a few years.  Oy.  That’s depressing.  Moving on…. Despite my less than stellar memory, I do remember the big things.

I remember my 10th birthday when my Dad, a Pennsylvania State Trooper, had to work but found a way to make it to my party.  It may have involved landing a helicopter in our front yard.  (My husband can thank my Dad for setting the bar high!)

I remember meeting my husband who, to this day, remains my favorite soldier.  I remember finding out I was pregnant with our daughter and the weird craving that made me buy a pregnancy test (funyons!  don’t judge).  I remember the day I found out I was pregnant with our son (I had just finished the CPA exam and decided that since I was already taking tests that day, I might as well keep on going–one was easier to take than the other).  And I remember the day I got “the call”.

I’ll back up for a minute.  When we moved to a new state we had to update our home study.  This sounds much simpler than it was.  We had to fill out forms, take online classes, read books, jump through a few hoops and have several in-person interviews with our new caseworker.  This whole process took us about three months to complete.  At our last interview with our caseworker I told her that she didn’t need to hurry in issuing the report because things in Ethiopia have been slow and I wasn’t anticipating a referral any time soon.  I forgot that God has a sense of humor.

This brings me back to “the call”.  Less than two weeks later, on March 30, I found myself on the phone with our agency hearing the words “we have a little boy that we’d like for you to consider”.   Be still my heart.  I listened as she told me more details about this little boy.  I was taking notes to pass along to my husband but I knew that while these details do matter, they really wouldn’t affect our decision.  You see, we had decided from the very beginning that we would accept whatever referral came our way.  We knew that there was a reason for our wait and we knew that God has already picked out our child.  We knew that this was him.

So now the second part of the wait begins and this part can be excruciating.  We would so appreciate your prayers, not only for us but for our son.  I know God already has this story written but you may remember that patience isn’t my greatest attribute.  Lots of mountains need to be moved in order for us to get our son home so I continue to embrace Ephesians 3:20 and believe that He is able to do far more than we could ever imagine.

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.




One thought on “The one I’ve been longing to write

  1. Sandy Hart says:

    Love you Emily, Josh and precious kids,
    I know God has great plans for you and your new addition. He looks so adorable; perfect for your family💖💙. So glad it’s all moving today in the right direction by God Almighty. Miss you so much🌈🙏💗💖


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