A thank you letter

Thank you letter

So, I bailed.  I haven’t written since September and that’s because life got crazy and hard and it became something that I struggled to wrap my mind around.  However, as I watched a friend launch her new blog yesterday, I took a minute to revisit mine.  Its certainly nothing special but as I re-read my posts, it was like giving myself a pep talk.  One that was much needed.  So here I am again but before I move forward, I have to take a step back.

The day of our oldest blessing’s sixth birthday, the moving trucks showed up and started to pack up all of our things.  (Don’t worry, we’re already saving up for the therapy bill that will result due to that decision!)  We packed a few suitcases, our dog, five fish and moved into a hotel.  When they say “traveling circus”, I’m pretty sure this is what they had in mind.  (For anyone wondering- three of the fish made it.  We found one.  The other is still missing in our car.  No, we don’t want to talk about it.)  As the days went on and our home emptied out, I fully anticipated being a complete mess.  However, I impressed myself and held it together fairly well.

Finally the day came for us to leave the place we had called home for seven and a half years.  As our car pulled away, the tears started to fall.  In that moment I was so incredibly sad and grateful.

When we first moved to Louisiana, I was determined not to settle in.  I put a wall up as a way to protect myself because I knew our time was limited there.  Here’s the thing about Louisiana- you can put up a thousand walls and the people who live there will tear every single one of them down.  It’s not the food or the alligators or the unique culture or the atmosphere or the 70 degree Decembers that make Louisiana what it is.  It’s the people.

These people made Louisiana home.  I couldn’t possibly sum them up in one post.  It would take many.  These people invited us to their Christmas celebrations so we wouldn’t have to be alone.  They brought coffee when it was a tough day.  They caravan-ed 20 people to our doorstep to sing Christmas carols and say goodbye.  They prayed with us.  They prayed for us.  They made sure that despite having a husband out of town, I got a birthday cake and celebration  whenever my birthday rolled around.  They threw baby showers.  They sat by me in the hospital.  They watched our children.  They showed up.  They loved us well.  They were my tribe. They are family.

So this is my thank you letter to those amazing people.  I hope you all know how fiercely you are loved and how big of a difference you made in our lives.  You are a hard act to follow but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

How lucky I am to have something that makes saying
goodbye so hard.
-Winnie the Pooh


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