The big question

big question

Change is in the air around here.  Big change. Its time for another Beautiful Beginning.

Our family has spent the last 7 years in the south which I’m pretty sure qualifies our daughter for Southern Belle status since she has been here her whole life.  We always knew our time down here was fleeting but we were still surprised when our story took a turn–one that would bring us back north.

This move is not without its challenges.  For starters, we’re moving over 1,000 miles with 2 children and a dog (does anyone know how to transport fish so they’re still swimming when you get to your final destination?).  Then there’s the fact that our oldest blessing is in her first year of kindergarten so having to pull her out of school creates some logistical issues.  Oh and let’s take a moment to remember that we haven’t been in snow in 7 years.  And we’re moving in December.  With no winter gear except for the snow scrapers that my dad so graciously purchased us as a “welcome back north” gift.  This ought to be interesting.

So given all of this it should come as no surprise to us that we have many people asking if we are proceeding with the adoption.  But it does surprise us because NOT proceeding with the adoption was never even been a thought in our mind.  Moving provides additional steps and challenges in the adoption process.  It will mean more paperwork and more fees and perhaps a few more tears.  This is an unexpected hiccup in our journey to grow our family.  At least its unexpected to us.  The thing is, this is no surprise to God.   I won’t claim to know the innermost thoughts of the Creator of the Universe but I am fairly certain He isn’t saying “man!  Didn’t see THAT one coming!”  So we trust.  We trust that no matter the obstacles, no matter how much time passes by, no matter where we lay our heads at night, God has a plan.

So, to answer the questions– yes, this move does effect our adoption and absolutely, 100% YES we are still adopting.  Our hope is in Him and we remind ourselves that His plans aren’t always easier but they surely are better.

Isaiah 40-31


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