Mommy Time Out

mommy time out

There comes a time somewhere between childhood and adulthood when a time out goes from being a punishment to being a reward.   Several months ago, one of my blessings (they’re both spunky…it could have been either one) looked at me and boldly proclaimed that I was being sent to my room for time out.  My response, of course, was “yes, please”.   Unfortunately, that was one time out that never happened.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with to do lists and demands and just the pressures of every day life?  I know that I do.  I think it became obvious that I was in need of a time out because my husband suggested that he and I take a trip.  Just the two of us.  What?!  Our blessings are 4 and 5 and the longest I’ve ever been away from them was less than 24 hours.  The thought of taking a trip without them was enough to cause mommy guilt to set in.   I know you feel me, Moms.  Then my husband (now remember he’s the wise one) pointed out that its never a bad idea to invest time into our marriage.  He had me there.

Here’s something you need to know about my husband and I.  We like a good adventure.  We like to go places and see things that many people don’t.  We went to Bali, Indonesia on our honeymoon.  We like to go off the beaten path.  When the thought of a trip came up, I was initially thinking somewhere not too far away….and then we ended up in Ireland.  Be still my heart.

Dingle Peninsula (2)

For the first time in a very long time, it was just the two of us.  For a week.  I was really praying that he still liked me.  (Spoiler alert: he does!)  We invested in ourselves.  We invested in each other.

Here’s the thing though, we don’t need to hop on a plane and leave the country to carve out time for ourselves and for our marriage.  It shouldn’t take those drastic measures.   Today it seems like we embrace the art of being busy and I don’t know about you, but that’s an art I’d rather not perfect.  I don’t want to be too busy to make time for the important things.  That week without my to do list and without social media and my phone was invigorating.  It was exactly what I needed.

Now that I’m back to my regularly scheduled life, I’m refreshed.  I’m better than I was 2 weeks ago.  I’m a better mom, a better wife and a better version of myself.

I’m going to start putting myself in time out more often.  What about you?


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